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Parental Rights

‘Too hyperbolic’? School board parental rights push falters – Associated Press

Photo: Kids holding signs against Critical Race Theory stand on stage near Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as he addresses the crowd before publicly signing HB7 at Mater Academy Charter Middle/High School in Hialeah Gardens, Fla Conservative groups that sought to get hundreds of “parents’ rights” activists elected to local school boards largely fell short in

Christian Nationalism

How Michael Flynn goes local to spread Christian nationalism – Associated Press

It was less than three weeks before the Sarasota County, Florida, school board election when the former White House national security adviser weighed in on the local political race. “These ‘woke’ members need to be defeated in detail this upcoming election,” Michael Flynn posted on Telegram on Aug. 6. “Our children’s lives and futures are at risk

Buz Blog

Opinion: Red Wave Forecast – Buz Williams

It looks like the elections in November will be an historic win for the Republicans. Not just in the Congressional House, but also the Senate and in state and local elections. Of course this will only happen if the conservative voters stay energized and the Republican candidates stay focused on the issues. They need to

Buz Blog

Opinion: Critical Race Theory in Prescott Schools – Buz Williams

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted” – Vladimir Lenin All across America, parents are becoming aware that schools are indoctrinating their children. They found out that the schools and libraries are conducting transvestite story hours for kindergartners and preschoolers. During the remote learning that

Buz Blog

Opinion: Yes, It Can Happen Here – Buz Williams

When we hear about Critical Race Theory, White privilege, gender identity indoctrination and other mindless classes being taught in schools across our country, many of us think that couldn’t happen in this conservative, close knit, little area in and around Prescott. Guess again. I heard a local father, who decided to run for one of

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