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On August 24th, 2021 the escrow period for the designated 473.7 acres of core Granite Dells land closed and was officially transferred into public ownership as Natural Open Space (NOS). This successful transaction is perhaps the single most important result of the years-long negotiation process surrounding Arizona Eco Development (AED)’s proposed Development Agreement (DA) and annexation. With the DA and annexation


Save the Dells offers 2020 Election Endorsements and Critiques

[Disclaimer: These endorsements are from the Save the Dells organization, not Prescott eNews.] We can’t save the Granite Dells if we don’t have elected leaders courageous enough to get the job done. The 2020 election is a big deal for many reasons; add saving the Dells to the list. That’s why we would like to


Opinion: Save the Dells statements on September 15 Planning and Zoning recommendation for AED

Save the Dells years-long campaign to protect the iconic Granite Dells took a major step forward September 15 when Prescott’s Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) recommended Arizona Eco Development’s (AED) proposed annexation to the City Council for their review. Save the Dells appreciates improvements made since AED’s devastating original subdivision plan was proposed in 2018,

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