San Francisco

San Francisco

What takes years and costs $20K? A San Francisco trash can – Associated Press

Photo: A prototype trash can called Salt and Pepper is seen near the Embarcadero in San Francisco  What takes four years to make and costs more than $20,000? A trash can in San Francisco. That costly, boxy bin is among six trash cans hitting San Francisco’s streets this summer in the city’s long saga in

John Stossel

Opinion: Sick City – John Stossel

San Francisco’s liberal mayor declared a “state of emergency” to try to deal with the city’s “nasty streets.” How did it get so bad? Journalist Michael Shellenberger’s new book, “San Fransicko,” argues that it happened because of progressive ideas. “The town I love is sick,” says Shellenberger in my new video. He came to San

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Opinion: Stop Looting

“The only reward for putting up with craziness is more craziness.” Thomas Sowell In San Francisco, in 1851, and again in 1856, Vigilante Committees were formed and dispensed a crude form of justice. The 1851 committee was formed because the city had grown from a small village of eight or nine hundred to over 20,000 in just


More US cities requiring proof of vaccination to go places

Hold on to that vaccination card. A rapidly growing number of places across the U.S. are requiring people to show proof they have been inoculated against COVID-19 to teach school, work at a hospital, see a concert or eat inside a restaurant. Following New York City’s lead, New Orleans and San Francisco will impose such


Opinion – Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Poet of the People

On hearing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s death last week at age 101, I immediately thought of the bookstore on Haight Street in San Francisco where I gave a poetry reading several years ago. That reading, the fulfilment of a youthful ambition, made me a somewhat belated part, I felt, of a vital branch of America’s literary