Russian Troops

Ukraine Invasion

For Russia’s Putin, military and diplomatic pressures mount – Associated Press

Photo: Mass gravesite outside of Izium Pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin mounted on the battlefield and in the halls of global power as Ukrainian troops pushed their counteroffensive Saturday to advance farther into Ukraine’s partly recaptured northeast. Western officials and analysts said Russian forces were apparently setting up a new defensive line in Ukraine’s

Ukraine Invasion

Ukrainian troops keep up pressure on fleeing Russian forces – Associated Press

Photo: A Ukrainian soldier stands in Izium, Kharkiv region, Ukraine Ukrainian troops piled pressure on retreating Russian forces Tuesday, pressing deeper into occupied territory and sending more Kremlin troops fleeing ahead of the counteroffensive that has inflicted a stunning blow on Moscow’s military prestige. As the advance continued, Ukraine’s border guard services said the army

Ukraine Invasion

Attack on Ukrainian nuclear plant triggers worldwide alarm

Russian troops Friday seized the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe after a middle-of-the-night attack that set it on fire and briefly raised worldwide fears of a catastrophe in the most chilling turn yet in Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Firefighters put out the blaze, and no radiation was released, U.N. and Ukrainian officials said. Russian


War, peace, stalemate? Week ahead may decide Ukraine’s fate

Even if a Russian invasion of Ukraine doesn’t happen in the next few days, the crisis is reaching a critical inflection point with European stability and the future of East-West relations hanging in the balance. A convergence of events over the coming week could determine whether the stalemate is resolved peacefully or Europe is at


Russia moves more troops westward amid Ukraine tensions

Russia is a sending an unspecified number of troops from the country’s far east to Belarus for major war games, officials said Tuesday, a deployment that will further beef up Russian military presence near Ukraine amid Western fears of a planned invasion. Amid the soaring tensions, the White House warned that Russia could attack its

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