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Opinion: Broadband Reforms Are Key to Connecting Rural America – Inside Sources

Government funds are now flowing to bring broadband to unserved, rural communities. This includes my home state of Iowa, where one-third of our counties are still designated as “broadband deserts.”  By some calculations, nearly half a trillion federal dollars are being made available for broadband expansion nationwide. However, this unprecedented funding to bridge the digital


Inflation Impacts in the Grand Canyon State – OH Predictive Insights

Rising Inflation is Costing a Majority of Arizonans at Least $200 Monthly A new survey commissioned by September Group, LLC and conducted by OH Predictive Insights measured the impact of inflation on the monthly budgets of Arizonans. According to the latest Arizona Public Opinion Pulse (AZPOP) Survey, 63% of Arizonans have seen a monthly spending increase of $200. This


Opinion: Arizona Considers Welcome Mat for International Doctors – Inside Sources

American medicine faces a limited supply of qualified personnel. In 2020, USA Today reported that 218 U.S. counties have zero doctors. In 2022, a bill in the Arizona Senate (SB 1331) seeks to relieve these constraints by allowing certain doctors who are trained and licensed outside the United States to practice in Arizona—an idea that may


Opinion: Biden Jobs Plan Depends on Too Many Faulty Assumptions

On March 31, the Biden administration unveiled the $2 trillion American Jobs Plan (AJP), a new infrastructure plan that contains some concerning broadband provisions which would be harmful to internet consumers. The plan allocates $100 billion for investment in broadband intending to bring “affordable, reliable, and high-speed internet to every American.” The plan aims to do this in three key


AZ Resilient: Connected Arizona

Governor Doug Ducey is urging the Legislature to strongly support his proposal to invest more than $40 million in a dramatic expansion of broadband in rural Arizona. “Reliable, high-speed internet is crucial for health care, public safety, education and economic development,” said Governor Ducey. “The broadband investments from our budget will decrease the cost of