Republican opposition

Gun Control

Emboldened Biden, Dems push ban on so-called assault weapons – Associated Press

When President Joe Biden speaks about the “scourge” of gun violence, his go-to answer is to zero in on so-called assault weapons. America has heard it hundreds of times, including this week after shootings in Colorado and Virginia: The president wants to sign into law a ban on high-powered guns that have the capacity to

U.S. Domestic spending plan

Biden hails economic bill amid signs of broad Dem support – Associated Press

President Joe Biden hailed a nascent Democratic package of climate, health care and tax initiatives as “a giant step forward” for the country Thursday as congressional leaders began nailing down votes for a campaign-season bill they’ve cast as a boon for voters struggling with inflation. A day after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and conservative

U.S. Domestic spending plan

Biden tells Dems to quickly pass pared-down economic package – Associated Press

President Joe Biden seemed to bow Friday to Sen. Joe Manchin’s demand for a slimmed-down economic package, telling Democrats to quickly push the election-year measure through Congress so families could “sleep easier” and enjoy the health care savings it proposes. Biden’s statement came hours after Manchin, the West Virginian who is one of Congress’ more


GOP blocks Senate COVID bill, demands votes on immigration

Republicans blocked a Democratic attempt Tuesday to begin Senate debate on a $10 billion COVID-19 compromise, pressing to entangle the bipartisan package with an election-year showdown over immigration restrictions that poses a politically uncomfortable fight for Democrats. A day after Democratic and GOP bargainers reached agreement on providing the money for treatments, vaccines and testing,


Raw Senate debate in fight to end voting bill filibuster

Senators faced off in emotional, raw debate Wednesday on voting legislation that Democrats and civil rights leaders say is vital for protecting democracy but that almost certainly will be defeated without a filibuster rules change, in what would be a stinging setback for President Joe Biden and his party. “I haven’t given up,” Biden said

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