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Opinion: After 2022 Setback, GOP Race for 2024 Is Wide Open – Josh Hammer

The 2022 midterm elections were, by any objective measure, tremendously disappointing for Republicans. As has already been discussed ad nauseam, the “red wave” that so many — yours truly included — had predicted simply did not materialize. The reasons for that are numerous; no one individual, one institution or one specific systemic failure is to

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Florida’s Scott takes on McConnell in bid for Senate leader – Associated Press

Florida Sen. Rick Scott said Tuesday that he will mount a long-shot bid to unseat Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, opening the latest front in an intraparty battle between allies of McConnell and former President Donald Trump over the direction of the GOP following a disappointing showing in last week’s midterm elections. The announcement by


House Republicans, bullish on midterms, plot return to power

Photo: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., speaks to reporters at the Capitol The House majority seemingly within their grasp, Republican lawmakers huddling at a retreat in Florida this week turned to the architect of the “Republican Revolution” nearly three decades ago — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — for ideas on starting their own


Opinion: The Red Wave’s Momentum is Growing – Inside Sources

A year into Joe Biden’s presidency and the country, and arguably the world, is surrounded by crisis after crisis. Inflation is at a 40-year high. Gas prices are through the roof and are continuing to rise. Unprecedented amounts of illegal immigrants are surging our border. America’s enemies are emboldened, and our allies are abandoned. Two


Opinion: Losing Arizona Part II

On October 7th, as early ballots were being mailed for the November election,  Prescott eNews published Losing Arizona Part I, the first  of what I promised would be a two part series on Republicans’ shaky election prospects.  I wrote from a sense of foreboding that turned  out to be only slightly exaggerated. I held off