Republican candidates


Opinion: GOP Candidates Mum On Criminal Justice Reform – Inside Sources

Americans deserve a presidential race based on substantive ideas. The United States faces real challenges, and they’re often not the ones on which the conservative base of the Republican Party is focused. Unfortunately, most Republican presidential candidates are resorting to reactionary rhetoric rather than offering viable solutions to complex policy issues. One of those issues


Opinion: Republicans Falling Into the Same 2016 Trump Trap – Inside Sources

A large field of qualified candidates is setting up the Republican primaries for a repeat of 2016. No one expected political neophyte Donald Trump to suck up all of the oxygen in the 2016 Republican primaries when the party had one of the most qualified slates of candidates in recent memory. Sitting U.S. senators, popular


Opinion: The extreme recklessness of Biden 2.0 – Rich Lowry

Joe Biden 2024 is a bad idea whose time has come. If Democrats had gotten the shellacking that seemed to be coming their way in the midterms, Biden might have been wounded enough for elements of the Democratic establishment to begin to try to shoulder him into retirement. Instead, the Democratic overperformance has Biden looking

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