9th grader sues over Pledge of Allegiance confrontation – Associated Press

The parents of a ninth grade South Carolina student who said she was accosted by a teacher for walking to class instead of stopping and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance are suing the teacher, principal, school district and state education officials. Marissa Barnwell said she was walking quietly to class and decided not to stop

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Opinion: The Misdirection of Senator Mark Kelly – Buz Williams

mis·di·rec·tion – the action or process of directing someone to the wrong place or in the wrong direction It seems like all of the Democrats running this year are using the same playbook. Many of them won’t debate or will only have one debate. That is understandable when their party took a perfectly good economy


First responders nationwide resist COVID vaccine mandates

March 11, 2021. It was supposed to be a turning point in the coronavirus pandemic for Erin Tokley, a longtime Philadelphia police officer, Baptist minister and 47-year-old father of three. It was supposed to be the day of his vaccine appointment. Instead it was the date of his funeral. Tokley — “Toke” to his friends


Trump rejects Dems’ request to testify at impeachment trial

House Democrats on Thursday asked Donald Trump to testify under oath for his Senate impeachment trial, challenging him to respond to their charge that he incited a violent mob to storm the Capitol. A Trump adviser said the former president won’t testify. Although Democrats might not have the power to force Trump’s testimony, the request


Llewellyn King: American Individualism Is Dividing and Killing Us During COVID-19

To compound the COVID-19 crisis, we have a cultural crisis. It is a crisis of our individualism. That cultural element, precious and special, of the individual against adversity, the individual against authority, the individual against any limits imposed on free action, is at odds with the need to behave. Worse, our individualistic trait has been