Opinion: Marginal Tax Reform, the Key to Upward Mobility in a Recession – Inside Sources

With a possible global recession looming, tax policy has become a point of contention. Now is the time for policymakers to pursue tax reform that promotes competitiveness without compounding the inflation issue. Workers need more purchasing power, not less. They need tax relief, not a heavier burden. If upward mobility is the key to economic prosperity, tax reform is one way

Michael Barone

Opinion – United States of Diversity: The Founders and Dobbs – Michael Barone

DEI — “diversity, equity and inclusion.” University administrators, corporate human resources facilitators and politicians of a liberal stripe all assure us that America is now, suddenly, for the first time in history, a nation of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are no longer, in this view, a white bread nation where just about everyone looks

Social Security and You

The Best Social Security Book I’ve Ever Read

I just finished reading the best book about Social Security that I have ever read. In just under 100 pages, the author explains everything you’d probably ever need to know about our nation’s bedrock social insurance program. If you are someone pushing retirement age who wants to know when and how to file for benefits,


Opinion: The Right Way to Achieve Election Integrity

If the 2020 election proved anything, it’s that our system worked. The Department of Homeland Security called the 2020 election “the most secure in American history” and still, the former president and his allies are smearing state election officials for no other reason than they are disappointed they lost. Even worse, some Republicans are using off-the-wall conspiracies


Israel’s high court says non-Orthodox converts are Jews

Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday dealt a major blow to the country’s powerful Orthodox establishment, ruling that people who convert to Judaism through the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel are also Jewish and entitled to become citizens. The landmark ruling, 15 years in the making, centered around the combustible question of who is Jewish

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