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Social Security and You

More Questionable Advice From the SSA – Social Security

I hate writing columns that are critical of some of my former colleagues who are still working for the Social Security Administration. But doggone it, if they are going to keep handing out bad advice, someone’s got to take them to task — and give the right answers to people who are seeking help about

Social Security and You

If You Mess Up, Don’t Blame the Government – Social Security

Sometimes people will write to me complaining that the government, specifically the Social Security Administration, has messed them up and cheated them out of benefits they might have been due. But many times, the fault (to trivialize a famous line from Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar”) is not in our government, but in ourselves. Here are

Social Security and You

Reduced Benefits Explained – Social Security

Photo courtesy of DepositPhotos Before I start today’s column — a word of warning. It’s going to involve a lot of messy math, and I don’t like math. To be more precise, I don’t like including too much math in my column because I’ve learned over the years that putting lots of numbers in a

Social Security and You

Happy Birthday to Me – Tom Margenau

I’m submitting this column to the newspapers on my birthday. I was born June 22, 1949. That makes me 73 years old. And I’m kind of surprised I made it this far. Why? Because I didn’t inherit the best of genes. My dad died at the age of 47. He had six brothers. And of

Social Security and You

Seniors Who Are Disabled

Baby boomers (like me) aren’t just getting old. Some of us are also getting frail. I’m probably a pretty good example. After a lifetime of essentially good health, I’ve recently had to deal with issues as severe as blood clots and as minor as a bum knee and arthritis. And judging from my emails, I’m

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