Retailers may see more red after Black Friday as consumers say they plan to pull back on spending – acting as if the US were already in a recession

Image courtesy of Deposit Photos Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews Ayalla A. Ruvio, Michigan State University and Forrest Morgeson, Michigan State University Retailers are gearing up for another blockbuster holiday shopping season, but consumers burned by the highest inflation in a generation may have other


Living with inflation: UArizona expert talks strategy in a time of economic uncertainty

Image courtesy of DepositPhotos Living with high inflation and a tumultuous economy requires a change of mindset, says Richard P. Rosen, associate professor of personal and family financial planning University of Arizona researcher Rick Rosen doesn’t mince words when it comes to inflation and the specter of recession: It’s going to be rough, he says. But Rosen,


How to recession-proof your life amid economic uncertainty – Associated Press

Prices for gas, food and rent are soaring. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates to the highest level since 2018. The U.S. economy has shrunk for two straight quarters. Economists are divided over whether a recession is looming. What’s clear is that economic uncertainty isn’t going away anytime soon. But there are steps you

Rich Lowry

Opinion: How Joe Biden torched his credibility – Rich Lowry

When President Joe Biden says something isn’t inevitable, it is time to count on it as a deadlock guarantee. The president’s handling of events has been poor and the same with his policies. But nothing has been quite as bad as his snakebit, maladroit, poorly informed, dishonest attempts to spin away the miserable results of

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