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Cities face crisis as fewer kids enroll and schools shrink – Associated Press

On a recent morning inside Chalmers School of Excellence on Chicago’s West Side, five preschool and kindergarten students finished up drawings. Four staffers, including a teacher and a tutor, chatted with them about colors and shapes. The summer program offers the kind of one-on-one support parents love. But behind the scenes, Principal Romian Crockett worries


My Life as a Black Teacher in Black Schools Was Hell

This story is one of hundreds Colin Flaherty planned to publish in a book before his death. American Renaissance will post one every week. I’m writing to give you a bit of insight into the life of a black teacher who does not subscribe to the victim mentality that is rampant within the black community. My life


Opinion: Gender Indoctrination in Public Schools Has Gone too Far – Inside Sources

The public school system is overstepping its ground with regard to gender education. It is not the place of public education to “affirm” identities. Even if it were, why are they so razor-focused on gender fluidity and sexuality? What about racial fluidity and people who were born to Caucasian parents but identify as African-American?  Public

Buz Blog

Opinion: Yes, It Can Happen Here – Buz Williams

When we hear about Critical Race Theory, White privilege, gender identity indoctrination and other mindless classes being taught in schools across our country, many of us think that couldn’t happen in this conservative, close knit, little area in and around Prescott. Guess again. I heard a local father, who decided to run for one of

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