Opinion: The Things We Tell Ourselves

Self-talk is a big thing. Whether we say something out loud or in our head, most of us talk to ourselves.  It can be as simple as, “Don’t forget to take out the trash,” or as  motivational as, “I’ve got this.” It seems that our pandemic world has taken self-talk to a new level. Maybe


When cringeworthy gifts are worse than inconsiderate

Sometimes a gift that might seem reasonable is no nicer than a stocking full of coal. Suzanne Tucker/ Deborah Y. Cohn, New York Institute of Technology Ever wondered why your mom bought you that inexplicable thing? You’re not alone. I have spent years doing consumer research related to gift giving. In my field, conventional wisdom


Halloween in 2020: Some fun with death and fear, anyone?

The setting: a rolling patch of Pennsylvania farmland, about 15 miles from the little town where “Night of the Living Dead” was filmed. The moment: Halloween season 2020, a moonlit Friday night. She strides up to the hayride and beckons you to the dimly lit tent behind her. Her eyes are hollow. “Blood” streaks her

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