City of Prescott

Prescott Mayor Phil Goode’s Weekly Update for January 17th, 2023

During the Study Session on January 10th, the City Council received information on a rate study done by the City’s Solid Waste and Recycling division. This draft report recommends a rate increase over the next several years, due to the increased volume along with inflation impacts. That will help to pay for planned capital upgrades

City of Prescott

City of Prescott Sales Tax Rate to Decrease Effective January 1, 2023

Image courtesy of DepositPhotos Tax is sunsetting as a result of paying down of PSPRS Unfunded Liability Effective January 1, 2023, the City of Prescott’s transaction privilege (sales) tax rate is decreasing from 2.75% to 2%. The combined tax rate (State, County & City) for Prescott will decrease from 9.10% to 8.35%. The Prescott City Council voted

City of Prescott

Prescott City Council Agrees to Sunset .75% PSPRS Tax December 31, 2022

City Projects Unfunded Liability to be Below $1.5 Million  Tuesday (10/11), Prescott City Council voted to adopt Ordinance No. 2022-1801 eliminating the 0.75% Transaction Privilege Tax Dedicated to Paying Down the City’s Unfunded Liability in the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS), effective December 31, 2022.   The City is projecting that the unfunded PSPRS liability will be


Jeff Weninger, candidate for Arizona Treasurer

This was shot at a Meet & Greet in Dewey, Arizona, on June 26th, 2022. Mr. Weninger was speaking to a group of local Republicans and taking questions. Jeff discusses ESG credits, the PSPRS fund, and other issues. He says that Bank of America is the most anti-Second Amendment bank, yet the current treasurer just