Michael Barone

Opinion: The Gathering Storm – Michael Barone

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for 20 months now. Iran, through its terrorism partner Hamas, attacked Israel this weekend. China has been threatening to attack Taiwan. The world is beginning to look a lot like the 1930s, when Japan attacked and overran much of China, and Nazi Germany and its then-ally the Soviet Union attacked

Diamond Industry

Documenting disruption in the diamond industry – Northern Arizona University

Photo: NAU film professor Bill Carter and student Angel Rodriguez  Botswana produces 30 percent of the world’s diamonds, but like most African countries with rich resources, they suffer from resource curse—a term used when a country’s natural resources, such as oil, cobalt and diamonds are shipped out without them being able to capture the true value of their


Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on US weapons stockpile

Photo: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Cody Brown, right, with the 436th Aerial Port Squadron, checks pallets of 155 mm shells ultimately bound for Ukraine The planes take off almost daily from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware — hulking C-17s loaded up with Javelins, Stingers, howitzers and other material being hustled to Eastern Europe


Arizona dairy farms pivot from restaurants to food banks as COVID-19 shifts demand

Thousands of gallons of wasted milk. Unpredictable, zigzagging prices. Abrupt dips and surges in demand. The past four months have been a roller coaster for Arizona dairy farms, as the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the way some of their biggest clients did business. The ride isn’t over yet: Arizona is a COVID-19 hotspot, meaning impacts

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