Primary Elections


US House races in California could shape future of Congress – Associated Press

Photo: Michelle Steel, Republican candidate for California’s 48th Congressional District, speaks during the California GOP fall convention in Indian Wells, Calif., Sept. 7, 2019 U.S. House battles took shape in heavily Democratic California that could tip the balance of power in Congress, while former Trump administration Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was in a tight match


Opinion: Vote in the Primaries to Optimize Success in November – Inside Sources

Early primary results have seen candidates from the fringes of both parties winning and endorsements from party leaders not always having the predicted effect. As we head toward primaries across most of the rest of the country, internal fights over electability and ideological purity will determine who wins and who falls short. But even more,


Primary Turnout Points to GOP Wave in November – Inside Sources

The biggest story for Republicans from the 2022 primary season so far isn’t former President Donald Trump. It’s rank-and-file GOP primary voters. They’re showing up in big numbers and they aren’t taking orders from Mar-A-Lago. With primary elections completed in 13 states — five of them swing states —  political consultant John Couvillon of JMC

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