President Biden


Opinion: The Folly of Biden on the Picket Line – Inside Sources

The United Auto Workers strike against the Big Three U.S. automakers — Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, formerly Chrysler — no matter the merits of the workers’ yearnings, shouldn’t have happened. Once it got going, it shouldn’t have lasted. The White House should have spoken. Already, there is damage. Ford has “paused” plans to build


Opinion: The Cheapening of the Impeachment Process – Inside Sources

Edmund Burke, the 18th-century British statesman, argued during the celebrated impeachment of Warren Hastings, the governor of Bengal, that impeachment was essentially a political process, not a judicial one. Quite so. The political dimension of impeachment is again on display in Washington, where the Republicans, driven by a faction of the party, are moving toward impeaching

Rich Lowry

Opinion: Why Biden lies – Rich Lowry

It’s almost always the case when the president of the United States says, “I give you my word as a Biden,” that whatever he’s about to say is untrue. Joe Biden’s incredible stories have finally generated more mainstream attention, particularly after he erroneously claimed to have gone to Ground Zero the day after Sept. 11

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