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Opinion: Election Good, Bad and Ugly – John Stossel

The Good: We have divided government. Since Democrats no longer control Congress, they can’t bankrupt America quite so fast! The Bad: Prediction markets, which I touted as the best guide to elections, didn’t do so well. Yes, they correctly said Republicans would take the House, but they’d also predicted Republicans would take the Senate. Polls


GOP predicts midterm wins; Biden warns of democracy threats – Associated Press

Republicans are eyeing major gains in Tuesday’s elections and appealing to supporters over the campaign’s final weekend to punish Democrats for high inflation and crime rates that have risen in some parts of the country. President Joe Biden and his two most recent Democratic White House predecessors warned that GOP victories could undermine the very


In campaign swing, Biden focuses on incumbent Democrats – Associated Press

President Joe Biden’s travel schedule before Tuesday’s midterm elections reveals his defensive stance in the campaign’s closing days: He’s spending the bulk of his time trying to hang on to seats that his party already holds. Biden kicked off a four-state, three-day campaign swing on Thursday to support Democrats in competitive races in solidly blue


Republican Kari Lake now holds a 2.5% lead over Democrat Katie Hobbs – Data Orbital

Data Orbital is pleased to announce the results of its latest statewide, mixed-mode survey of likely General Election Voters. The survey was conducted from October 17th to 19th. With two weeks until election day, Republican Kari Lake now holds a 46.7% to 44.2% (2.5%) lead over Democrat Katie Hobbs. 6.0% remain undecided. Pollster George Khalaf

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