Opinion: America’s Opinion Superiority Complex – Inside Sources

Has everyone gone crazy, or is it just me? Over the last several years, it’s become nearly impossible to discuss political issues without it spiraling into an argument or an uncomfortable silence that seems to linger long after the fact. In 2020, the Pew Research Center released a study that found 45 percent of all U.S. adults


Republican Kari Lake now holds a 2.5% lead over Democrat Katie Hobbs – Data Orbital

Data Orbital is pleased to announce the results of its latest statewide, mixed-mode survey of likely General Election Voters. The survey was conducted from October 17th to 19th. With two weeks until election day, Republican Kari Lake now holds a 46.7% to 44.2% (2.5%) lead over Democrat Katie Hobbs. 6.0% remain undecided. Pollster George Khalaf


Israel to dissolve parliament, call 5th election in 3 years – Associated Press

Photo: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, left, speaks during a joint statement with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, at the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, in Jerusalem Israel’s weakened coalition government announced Monday that it would dissolve parliament and call new elections, setting the stage for the possible return to power of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or

Michael Barone

Opinion: Politics as the Leisure of the Theory Class – Michael Barone

Politics has increasingly become, for many Americans, the leisure of the theory class. That’s a phrase from the early 20th century sociologist Thorstein Veblen, which I turned on its head in a recent column. He was condemning the showy consumerism of the contemporary rich for having no economically practical purpose. I, on the other hand,


Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns – Associated Press

Photo: State Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Franklin, a Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, takes part in a primary night election gathering in Chambersburg, Pa. The victory party took on the feel of an evangelical worship service after Doug Mastriano won Pennsylvania’s Republican gubernatorial primary this month. As a Christian singer led the crowd in song,

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