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As Israel’s Netanyahu nears victory, trouble may lie ahead – Associated Press

Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister and the head of Likud party, accompanied by his wife Sara waves to his supporters after first exit poll results for the Israeli Parliamentary election at his party’s headquarters in Jerusalem After four inconclusive elections, it looks like the fifth time finally worked for Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel’s longtime


Opinion: Elon Musk Would Turbocharge Andrew Yang’s New Party – Inside Sources

If America implodes, Elon Musk’s most ambitious plans will implode with it. America’s need for larger-than-life leaders to stop our partisan death spiral has never been greater. Musk, a legendary multitasker, should devote some of his energies (and, yes, some of his fortune, too) to helping Andrew Yang get his new Forward Party off the

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Opinion: Do Republicans Really Want To Win In November? – Buz Williams

Image courtesy of DepositPhotos When Martha McSally ran against Mark Kelly for the Arizona US Senate seat, she gave him the election. I don’t know who her political advisors were, but they had all of the political instincts of an entire coma ward. Many conservative Republicans reluctantly voted for her as the lesser of two


Opinion: Why Are We So POLARIZED?!?

Which way are we headed, politically, and why are we so polarized? My first political memory is from age six — Election Night 1960. (I was irritated at being sent to bed before the winner was known.) Twelve years later, at age 18, energized by the ongoing collapse of segregation in my home state of


Opinion: Keep the Party Going; Why Political Conventions Matter – Counterpoint

They’re getting ready to blow up the balloons for next month’s Democratic and Republican national conventions. Ah, the balloons! The classic grand finale drop symbolizes the end of these quadrennial gatherings, much the way the Times Square ball drop is an essential part of New Year’s Eve. And that, critics point out, is what’s wrong

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