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Opinion: Are Public Employee Unions Unconstitutional?

How did it come to pass that public employee unions, which scarcely existed 60 years ago, have come to run public schools and myriad state and local government agencies? Answers to this question, which few people think about these days, come from Philip K. Howard’s latest book, “Not Accountable,” accompanied as in his earlier books

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Congressman Gosar: America has 99 Problems, but Ukraine Ain’t One

Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement in response to Congressional appropriators filing a 4,155 page, $1.85 trillion omnibus to fund the government shortly after 1:30 AM this morning. “More than two months into FY2023 and in the dark hours of the early morning, hoping no one would notice, Congressional appropriators unveiled their

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The Bipartisanship of Corruption

Everyone wants to be on the winning side of an election. Winning an honest election means that your side has convinced a majority of the voters that your candidate has expressed the views which with they agree. If an election is won by fraud, by counting votes of people who are dead or who have