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Reported racist comment from Jon Gruden draws NFL rebuke

A report that Jon Gruden used a racist comment about NFL Players Association leader DeMaurice Smith in an email 10 years ago drew a strong and quick rebuke Friday from the NFL. A Wall Street Journal story noted that Gruden, then working for ESPN and now coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, referred in a

On Cinema With Tonatiuh Malanos-Rodriguez

Why “Cancel Culture” Should Be Cancelled

It seems like nearly every day some celebrity gets in trouble on social media for either doing something bad many years ago or doing something not politically correct today, and it’s tiresome. In this article, I’ll provide some examples of cancel culture and discuss my thoughts on the effect it has on society. Let’s say I’m


Opinion: Shakespeare A Top Target For P.C. ‘Disruption’

In an old joke, a repertory company prepares to stage “Hamlet” when the lead actor dies just before the first performance. The company frantically appeals to the packed audience for someone who knows Hamlet’s part. A volunteer steps forward, an egotistical fourth-rate actor, and it is immediately clear he is terrible. So bad that when


On the Debased State of Popular Culture

Have you noticed that pop culture has been steadily deteriorating and regressing? Have you observed that Hollywood movies, TV shows, and the entertainment industry, in general, have been stagnant for ages, with only box office goals and sociopolitical agendas powering the creative process? Have you felt that creativity has died, and that the same generic,


Llewellyn King: Editing and Sanitizing History Is Vandalism

History is fragile. It needs to be handled with care. The trouble is that it is inevitably viewed through the prism of today, which can cast the good as bad and the bad as good. That is why those who would edit it, sanitize it or obscure it are, for the most part, vandals. It

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