Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Grow Better Peonies this Spring – Ken Lain

Perennial peonies grow naturally in the gardens of Europe, China, and the Western U.S. From one corner of the globe to another, peony plants have been transplanted and admired. Asia prizes the plant for medicinal uses, with the root of white peony used to treat liver problems. The early Greeks and Romans also found medicinal


Opinion: Why Coal Is Necessary – Inside Sources

As the nation’s transition to renewable energy gains speed, with the rapid deployment of wind and solar power and grid-scale batteries, a misguided idea is taking hold. There’s no longer any need for coal generation and coal mining in the United States. There are major benefits from electricity produced at coal plants and mining. Coal will remain critically important


Creating a Firewise Landscape

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your home from wildfire is to create defensible space around your home. DEFENSIBLE SPACE: The area between a structure (your home) and a wildfire where vegetation has been modified to reduce the intensity and ability of a wildfire to spread. All vegetation, whether naturally

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Does Talking to Plants Help? – Ken Lain

Research shows plants have a definite calming effect on their gardener. Plants are so understanding. They refrain from arguing, asking difficult questions, or interrupting when speaking. It’s no wonder, so many gardeners talk to plants. A survey of 1250 gardeners found 50% spend time talking to their plants at When asked why gardeners talk


8 Stylish Promotional Items to Impress Clients and Customers

When you want to impress clients, running a promotional marketing gift campaign is a no-brainer. To make them see how much you appreciate them, you want to give them a gift that’s stylish and hip. If you’re looking to achieve this effect, here are eight stylish promotional items to impress clients and customers: 1. Sunglasses

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Narrow Side Yards Made Beautifully – Ken Lain

Many mountain homes have a side yard that is not only long and narrow but treacherously steep. Good landscape design for such a layout is complicated at best. A good design ties the entire landscape together in a masterful manner when done well. Our most challenging project was to ease the steep access to the

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