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How to Grow Clematis – Ken Lain

This Vine Is Known for Its Bold, Richly-Colored Flowers With its big, richly colored flowers, The President clematis offers great aesthetic value for its looks, alone. But as a fast-growing vine that can be trained to grow up various structures in the landscape, it has many uses that give it even more value. Like other types

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Flowers, Herbs, and Veggies You Can Plant in January

January isn’t thought of as a prime gardening month in Northern Arizona. Gardeners in Southern Arizona know it’s the perfect time for cool-season vegetables and flowers. It is warm enough to direct sow much of your garden, but keep your row covers handy. Even in frost-free deserts, January can be a complicated month for gardeners.

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Planting Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays

The ‘Single Blue Pinyon Pine‘ is a local variety that gives a bold appearance to a rustic tree. Its blue color blends well in dry mountain landscapes as well as modern and Mediterranean-style gardens. The tidy appearance and unusual blue color are stunning. This tree is gaining popularity at farmers’ markets for its pine nut

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Enjoy a Brighter Fall Garden in 5 September Steps

August is the hottest month in the gardens. Vegetable and flower gardeners relish in the bounty the heat and monsoon rain offers. Others long for the calm, cool Autumn nights Arizona is so famous. September is a transition month with some critical garden needs at hand. Keeping up with fall maintenance assures both the health

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