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Opinion: ‘We the People,’ but Who Exactly? – Inside Sources

The idea of rule by “the people” is at the core of America’s founding, but from the beginning, there was a relatively narrow understanding of who “the people” were. Although the days of landowning White males monopolizing political power ended generations ago, the limitation of the franchise has not. In fact, a broken primary system

John Stossel

Opinion: Politics by Profession – John Stossel

Why are you a conservative? Or a libertarian, Republican, Democrat, socialist? Ok, if you read my column, you’re probably not a socialist … But how do people come to such different conclusions? We like to think that our politics are formed by rational analysis. We analyze what conservatives and liberals write, weigh their ideas, and


Party poopers: Independent voter registrations surge as parties fall

The major political parties in Arizona have continued to lose voters since the November election, with strident partisanship “turning off” voters and driving them to register as independents, analysts said. The most recent numbers from the Arizona Secretary of State’s office show that the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties all saw drops in registration from the general


1 in 4 Arizonans still insist Trump won, as second impeachment begins

As the Senate began debate Tuesday on a historic second impeachment of former President Donald Trump, a recent poll shows that more than half of Arizona Republicans believe Trump was the rightful winner of the November election. The poll, taken by OH Predictive Insights shortly before President Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration, found that 60%


Opinion: Central Florida Retirees Are Fleeing the Democratic Party

Democrats were elated by a recent viral video of a pro-Biden golf cart parade through The Villages, aka “America’s Friendliest Home Town,” and a retirement community believed to have played a key role in Donald Trump’s 2016 victory. “Wow. Things are heating up in The Villages. Trump is toast,” one excited Democrat tweeted. “That is

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