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Opinion: Elon Musk Would Turbocharge Andrew Yang’s New Party – Inside Sources

If America implodes, Elon Musk’s most ambitious plans will implode with it. America’s need for larger-than-life leaders to stop our partisan death spiral has never been greater. Musk, a legendary multitasker, should devote some of his energies (and, yes, some of his fortune, too) to helping Andrew Yang get his new Forward Party off the

U.S. Domestic spending plan

Dems’ climate, energy, tax bill clears initial Senate hurdle – Associated Press

A divided Senate voted Saturday to start debating Democrats’ election-year economic bill, boosting the sprawling collection of President Joe Biden’s priorities on climate, energy, health and taxes past its initial test as it starts moving through Congress. In a preview of votes expected on a mountain of amendments, united Democrats pushed the legislation through the


Senate bid to save Roe v. Wade falls to GOP-led filibuster

The Senate fell far short Wednesday in a rushed effort toward enshrining Roe v. Wade abortion access as federal law, blocked by a Republican filibuster in a blunt display of the nation’s partisan divide over the landmark court decision and the limits of legislative action. The almost party-line tally promises to be just the first

Legal Beat

Jackson confirmed as first Black female high court justice

The Senate confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court on Thursday, shattering a historic barrier by securing her place as the first black female justice and giving President Joe Biden a bipartisan endorsement for his promised effort to diversify the high court. Cheers rang out in the Senate chamber as Jackson, a 51 year-old


Democrats to ‘act big’ on $1.9T aid; GOP wants plan split

Democrats in Congress and the White House rejected a Republican pitch to split President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue plan into smaller chunks on Thursday, with lawmakers appearing primed to muscle the sweeping economic and virus aid forward without GOP help. Despite Biden’s calls for unity, Democrats said the stubbornly high unemployment numbers and

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