parental rights


Opinion: Whose Children Are They, Anyway? – Inside Sources

Americans are embroiled in conflicts over parental rights. On one side are progressives who believe their job, nay, their sacred duty, is to expose American public school students as young as kindergarten to “diverse” content on sexuality, gender and race. On the other side are millions of parents wondering when schools will get around to

Parental Rights

Parents Rights Issue Heating Up in GOP POTUS Primary – Inside Sources

During a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took time from throwing elbows at Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis to land a few jabs at the current Garden State governor. The issue? Parents’ rights, a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail. Asked about education policy by a New


Opinion: Hunter’s ‘Love Child’ and Conservative Madness – Ann Coulter

Right-wingers (and The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd) are browbeating President Biden for not embracing his son Hunter’s illegitimate child — the result of drug-crazed, unprotected sex with a stripper. Conservatives are so enjoying bashing the president that they’re taking a strikingly unconservative position. We don’t believe in polyamorous three-person “families” or “Heather Has Two

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