P.T. Barnum


The creepy clown emerged from the crass and bawdy circuses of the 19th century

Clowns in American circuses were once considered a form of adult entertainment. ArtMarie/E+ via Getty Images  Madeline Steiner, University of South Carolina The scary clown has become a horror staple. Featuring Art the Clown as the main villain, Damien Leone’s new film “Terrifier 2” is so gruesome that there are reports of viewers vomiting and


Opinion – Holy Cow! History: “I Never Said That!”

They are so famous, you can recite them from memory. They’re repeated so often, they’ve become part of our cultural currency. And they’re flat-out wrong. Many legendary quotes from our past were misunderstood, taken out of context, or, even worse, never uttered at all. What historical heresy is this, you ask? Consider the evidence. “The

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