Opinion: What’s Causing America’s Widespread Worsening? – Inside Sources

How can so many things be going wrong in America at the same time?  Only one cause-effect dynamic is as universal, and time and technology are coincident. That cause-effect is the 1990’s internet “unaccountability” policy and its outcomes. It causes worsening because approved anarchy online empowers bad actors with impunity. It’s widespread because everyone uses the internet


How new Colorado River cuts will impact states, residents – Associated Press

Arizona and Nevada residents won’t face bans on watering their lawns or washing their cars despite more Colorado River water shortages. But U.S. officials announced Tuesday there will be less water available next year for them from the river that serves 40 million people in the West and Mexico and a farm industry worth billions


Opinion: Social Media at 25 — a Mental Health Checkup – Inside Sources

Twenty-five years ago, the age of social media began with the launch of sixdegrees.com, a website that allowed users to create custom profiles. At the time, many of us were not aware of what was going on, but this moment marked an important turning point in the way we would communicate and consume information, and for

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