Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks: Interview with Luke Cilano, Lions of Liberty

David McNabb, guest host of Prescott Talks. talks to Luke Cilano about the organization, Lions of Liberty. The organization has held political forums and meetings about the truth and integrity in government. Luke explains their vetting process and how they pick candidates for endorsements.


Governor Ducey Announces $1 Million To Connect Arizonans In Need With Job Opportunities

Governor Doug Ducey announced $1,037,960 for St. Joseph the Worker to expand its Workforce Village program to support transitional housing and services that assist individuals experiencing homelessness with finding full-time employment and managing finances. “Across the state, there are resources available for Arizonans who have fallen on hard times and could use guidance to get

The Zany Sage

That Science Experiment in the Fridge

Okay, boys and girls, it’s time to strap on a gas mask, don some rubber gloves and get ready for a serious rumble in the fridge. I see that bag of organic spring mix that has turned to slime. And the gooey substance from who-knows-what-spilled underneath the crisper drawer. I see you standing looking into

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