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Yavapai College’s Prescott CommEd Programs Offer Old-School, Zoom School & Personalized Options for Summer Semester

Equipped with an arsenal of in-person guidelines, Zoom tutorials, trained facilitators and creative work-arounds, the Community Education programs on Yavapai College’s Prescott Campus offer a variety of class styles to get students safe, comfortable, and learning again when the Summer semester begins June 7. Seniors balancing learning with COVID caution have a kindred spirit at


Summer school an expanding option for students who struggled with online learning

Before the pandemic, second-grader Melody Wiseley loved going to school. But for the past year, her life has consisted of Zoom classes and social distancing. The mundane, taken-for-granted moments she once shared with friends in the lunchroom and on the playground are cherished memories. Her grandmother, Heidi Aranda, who is the senior director of curriculum

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