Yavapai College

Two future nurses at Yavapai College named Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise scholars

Photo: Left to right, Vrindavan Silva and Heidi Howden Two aspiring nurses at Yavapai College have won prestigious Phi Theta Kappa honor society scholarships. Heidi Howden of Prescott and Vrindavan Silva of Cornville are 2022 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise scholars. The two PTK members and YC Honors students are among a total of 207 Leaders

Public Health

Governor Ducey Signs Bill Extending Temporary Health Care Professional Licenses

Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation extending until January 1, 2023 the temporary professional licenses of more than 2,000 critical health care workers. “Throughout the pandemic, doctors, nurses and other health professionals have been at the frontlines. When we needed them, they were there,” said Governor Ducey. “Whether they just graduated with their health care degrees,

Vaccine mandates

Congressman Paul Gosar Knocks Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Mandatory Vaccine Policy

For weeks, citizens in our community have protested outside Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) over its decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. Our healthcare providers have made the best medical decisions for themselves, and their employers do not get to subvert this. To date, nearly 20% of reported COVID-19 cases are Americans who work in the


Top Five Exciting Ways to Use Your Nursing Degree

Every degree opens up possibilities. Those in the humanities open up more types of job roles than you can imagine, but that doesn’t mean that your options are limited to a select few options if you go into STEM. Nursing, in particular, has the stigma that you can only work as a nurse. This isn’t


Opinion: All It Takes Is 1

“One is the loneliest number,” Three Dog Night famously sang over five decades ago. But all it takes is one brave soul fighting against the tide to inspire 10. Ten become hundreds. Hundreds become thousands. Thousands become millions. Millions become a new majority. Riverside County, California, Sheriff Chad Bianco is one. On Monday, Sheriff Bianco

Emergency Services

EMS Week is May 16-22

The Prescott Fire Department would like to recognize EMS week in our community. Over the last year, the pandemic has given people a small glimpse of the vital role of EMS professionals. The sacrifice and dedication of EMTs, paramedics and other EMS practitioners has rightfully earned them admiration and gratitude in their communities. Calling us