New Year


Taxes fall, wages rise and jaywalking OK’d by new state laws – Associated Press

Taxes will fall and minimum wages rise for residents in numerous states as a variety of new laws take effect Sunday that could impact people’s finances and, in some cases, their personal liberties. Some new laws could affect access to abortion. Others will ease restrictions on marijuana and concealed guns, or eliminate the need to


Opinion: In 2023, Expect the Unexpected – Inside Sources

If the last few years have taught us anything, when it comes to politics, culture, the economy and international events, we should always expect the unexpected. After all, did anyone expect Elon Musk to buy Twitter or Will Smith to storm the Oscars stage and deliver the “slap heard round the world” in 2022? I


Opinion: New Year Faces Old Problems- Inside Sources

There are no new years, just new dates. As the old year flees, I always have the feeling that it is doing so too fast, that I haven’t finished with it, even though the same troubles are in store on the first day of the new year. Many things are hanging over the world during


4 Projects That Can Transform Your Lifestyle

The new year is an ideal time to take a step back and evaluate your personal situation. Many working adults decide to make changes to their lifestyles during the first few months of a fresh year. One of the most effective ways of approaching the challenge is to create a written plan for a specific

Hypnotically Speaking

Hypnotically Speaking

It’s now mid January and the New Year is just getting started. I love the beginning of a New Year because it relates to new beginnings. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your life and set intentions for your upcoming year. This is the perfect time to focus on what your ideal life looks like.


New Year’s revelries muted by virus as curtain draws on 2020

This New Year’s Eve is being celebrated like no other in most of the world, with many bidding farewell to a year they’d prefer to forget. From the South Pacific to New York City, pandemic restrictions on open air gatherings saw people turning to made-for-TV fireworks displays or packing it in early since they could