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Opinion: CHIPS and Science Is Just the Start – Inside Sources

The CHIPS and Science Act is a result of something exciting on Capitol Hill: a productive discussion about the next generation of American research that prioritizes investment in science. In addition to the $54 billion for semiconductor innovation, manufacturing, and research and development, it is thrilling to see a bipartisan majority in Congress step up


Milley tells West Point cadets technology will transform war

The top U.S. military officer challenged the next generation of Army soldiers on Saturday to prepare America’s military to fight future wars that may look little like the wars of today. Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, painted a grim picture of a world that is becoming more unstable, with


Pompeii: Rebirth of Italy’s dead city that nearly died again

In a few horrible hours, Pompeii was turned from a vibrant city into an ash-embalmed wasteland, smothered by a furious volcanic eruption in A.D. 79. Then in this century, the excavated Roman city appeared alarmingly close to a second death, assailed by decades of neglect, mismanagement and scant systematic maintenance of the heavily visited ruins.


Can ‘Top Gun’ Training Give U.S., Taiwan Leverage to Keep China at Bay?

It was an image that got the Pentagon’s attention: Satellite photos of targets shaped like an American aircraft carrier and at least two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers on a Chinese military weapons range. The images were made public earlier this month by the U.S. Naval Institute. “What we’re concerned about … is the increasing intimidation and

Health Care educators

Diagnosing Our Future: Yavapai College Health Summit envisions the next generation of care in Yavapai County

Growing rural communities versus overwhelmed rural Health Care systems. The expansion of medical education versus the escalating needs of an aging population. The vast potential of new technologies, new personnel and delivery innovations set against the constraints of logistics, bureaucracy and time. These were the issues studied by community, medical and education leaders last Friday,

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