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Second Amendment

Attorney General Mark Brnovich Leads Coalition to Protect Americans’ Right to Bear Arms

Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry are leading a coalition of 24 states to uphold the Second Amendment at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Attorney General Brnovich is urging SCOTUS to review a New Jersey law that limits magazine capacities and requires gun owners to surrender certain magazines to


Representative Bolick’s Bill Protecting Arizonans from “Doxing” is Signed into Law

Governor Doug Ducey has signed into law legislation (HB 2502) sponsored by State Representative Shawnna LM Bolick (R-20) which prohibits posting another person’s personal identifying information online for the purpose of that person being harassed. “After hearing numerous stories of women who were ‘doxed’ by an abusive ex, and living in fear for their safety, I knew


California will allow former inmates to have records expunged so they can fight fires

With California in the middle of peak fire season, blazes across the state have been a challenge for firefighters, with fewer incarcerated firefighters in the field because of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new law seeks to boost their ranks. The problem of staffing fires has grown acute since March, when the California Department

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