Net Zero


Opinion: Environmentalists Hold the Key to Mineral Security – Inside Sources

Now is the time for environmentalists to be vocal advocates of mining for minerals needed to make batteries for electric cars and solar and wind power. Also, they must join in a political coalition with miners and automobile workers to turn the tide in the climate fight. The idea is unlikely to draw cheers from the Sierra Club,

Climate Change

Good COP, bad COP? Takeaways from the new UN climate deal

After two years of preparation and 13 days of tough talks, did negotiators at the U.N. climate meeting in Glasgow save the planet? In short: no. But they were hardly expected to do so. The annual Conference of the Parties, just held for the 26th time, is all about getting countries to gradually ratchet up


Opinion: Biden’s Climate/Energy Policies Are an Exercise in Magical Thinking

President Joe Biden and the Democratic caucus’ efforts to remake America’s electric power system into one that emits no carbon dioxide (net zero) by 2050 in order to prevent climate change are pipedreams. Physics indicates the goal is an exercise in magical thinking. Reality suggests the attempt to reach the impossible goal will have little

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