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Book Reviews

How America Got an Antiracist Constitution – American Renaissance

Credit Image: © Keystone Press Agency/ZUMA Press Wire Jesse Merriam, How We Got Our Antiracist Constitution: Canonizing Brown v. Board of Education in Courts and Minds, Claremont Press, 2023, 48 pages, $9.00 paper, $3.50 kindle Jesse Merriam is a young associate professor of government at Patrick Henry College in Virginia. This monograph was published last month as part of

Josh Hammer

Opinion: Recent Lowlights in the Woke Capture of Our Once-Venerable Institutions – Josh Hammer

Image: Southern Poverty Law Center “hate map” Lamenting the astonishing success of the activist Left’s century-long Gramscian march through America’s major institutions is, at this juncture, old hat. Still, there have been a few recent powerful examples, coming in quick succession, illustrating the extent to which leading liberal institutions of civil society have been captured

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