As the Titanic decays, expedition will monitor deterioration

This 2004 photo shows the remains of a coat and boots in the mud on the sea bed The Titanic is disappearing. The iconic ocean liner that was sunk by an iceberg is now slowly succumbing to metal-eating bacteria: holes pervade the wreckage, the crow’s nest is already gone and the railing of the ship’s

Light precipitation received over the Pine Fire

Location: Pine Mountain Wilderness-Verde Ranger District (T11N, R5E, SEC 35) Start Date: 07-12-20 Size: 1,747 Percent Contained: 0% Cause: lightning Vegetation: Grass, Brush, and Ponderosa Pine Summary: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) continued to be beneficial on the Pine Fire gathering information and providing fire managers with accurate data. The fire has moved to the North

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