Holy Cow! The 14-Year-Old Medal of Honor Recipient

If you ever happen to visit Springfield National Cemetery in southwest Missouri, you will notice something highly unusual inscribed on one stone. It says: “Orion P. Howe, Medal of Honor.” A Medal of Honor recipient in an obscure Ozarks cemetery? It is the resting place of the Drummer Boy Hero. Drummer boys were iconic figures


Holy Cow! History: The 51st State We Almost Had

The U.S. House recently approved statehood for the District of Columbia. If the Senate agrees, D.C. could become the 51st state. But a small fuss that turned into a big uproar could have added another star to the U.S. flag 60 years ago. This is what happened when a Missouri county went rogue. In the early


Holy Cow! History: The Three Forgotten States of America

Photo: The Kingdom of Callaway flag If you’re of a certain age, you remember being herded onto a school stage for a patriotic assembly and warbling “Fifty Nifty United States” to beaming parents. “Fifty, nifty, United States from thirteen original colonies,” the song cheerfully began. There wasn’t much to it beyond rhyming “fifty” and “nifty.” It

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