Opinion: Immigration Displacing U.S. Workers at Record Pace – Joe Guzzardi

Serious, insightful and unafraid financial analysts long ago discredited the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics report. In their collective opinion, BLS’ analysis of the economy’s job gains is a federal government public relations tool, the goal of which is to deceive and distract from the truth. Zero Hedge is one of the few sources that dissects reality


Beware of ‘Shark Week’: Scientists watched 202 episodes and found them filled with junk science, misinformation and white male ‘experts’ named Mike

Hammerhead sharks schooling near Costa Rica’s Cocos Island. John Voo/Flickr, CC BY David Shiffman, Arizona State University The Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week is the longest-running cable television series in history, filling screens with sharky content every summer since 1988. It causes one of the largest temporary increases in U.S. viewers’ attention to any science

Rich Lowry

Opinion: The blowhard-in-chief – Rich Lowry

The president of the United States is a blowhard — again. If the country thought that it was getting a buttoned-up, by-the-books communicator after four wildly undisciplined years of Donald Trump, it knew nothing about Joseph R. Biden’s long career as Washington’s standout long-winded, seat-of-the-pants, poorly informed, and misleading talker. Biden blew up two presidential


What are dark patterns? An online media expert explains

It’s not you; many e-commerce websites are difficult to use by design. fizkes/iStock via Getty Images Jasmine McNealy, University of Florida Dark patterns are design elements that deliberately obscure, mislead, coerce and/or deceive website visitors into making unintended and possibly harmful choices. Dark patterns can be found in many kinds of sites and are used

Climate Change

Biden’s Climate Policies Will Hurt Low-Income, Communities of Color

The costs of the incoming Biden administration’s climate change policies could fall on the very people liberals are trying to help: low-income families and communities of color. President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to “move ambitiously to generate clean, American-made electricity to achieve a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035.” And one of the tools to

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