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Worry about stagflation, a flashback to ’70s, begins to grow – Associated Press

Photo: Cars line up for gas at a gas station in Martinez, Calif., on Sept. 21, 1973 Stagflation. It was the dreaded “S word” of the 1970s. For Americans of a certain age, it conjures memories of painfully long lines at gas stations, shuttered factories and President Gerald Ford’s much-ridiculed “Whip Inflation Now” buttons. Stagflation


HOLY COW! HISTORY: Whipping Inflation, 1974 Style

“… the wholesale price index—precursor of what’s coming on the consumer front—had gone up a staggering 2.3 percent last month. That brought the wholesale price increase over the last year to 22.6 percent, the highest rate in a quarter-century and nearly double the climb in family living costs.” Sounds like a news story snatched from today’s

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