Study: Enough rare earth minerals to fuel green energy shift – Associated Press

The world has enough rare earth minerals and other critical raw materials to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy to produce electricity and limit global warming, according to a new study that counters concerns about the supply of such minerals. With a push to get more electricity from solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric and


Bitcoin’s evolution over 2022

2022 hasn’t been the best year for crypto. The digital asset market has plummeted over the past year after experiencing steep increases in 2020 and 2021. Bitcoin rose to previously unseen levels during these two years, only to fall quite hard and rapidly since the beginning of 2022. This has prompted several investors to sell


Opinion: U.S. Energy Security and Climate Action Rest on Mining – Inside Sources

There is a moral imperative for making critically essential minerals and metals readily and economically available to U.S. manufacturers forging the nation’s low-carbon energy future.  As we have learned, successful climate action now rests on a vast expansion of mining. This is not a wake-up call where you hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Mineral


Opinion: Re-Shore Rare Earths to Keep America Strong – Inside Sources

A country incapable of providing for itself isn’t much of a great power. To ensure America stays strong for generations to come, we need to bring production of goods essential to our national security back home. That starts with re-shoring rare earth manufacturing. For some, “industrial policy” is a dirty term associated with planned economies.


Opinion: Potentials for Bitcoin in State Government – Inside Sources

Our country is dealing with some of the highest inflation in a generation while COVID jitters and government restrictions shake the economy. But state and local policymakers are not powerless to protect their residents. There is always Bitcoin. In a time of inflation, ballooning government debts, and broader financial uncertainty, a Bitcoin-first policy would be a welcome