Sharlot Hall Museum

Museum Gathers Junior Bonner Stories for Archival Collection at Nov. 12 Event – Sharlot Hall Museum

Photo: Robert Preston and Steve McQueen film a scene for Junior Bonner in Prescott (courtesy Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center) On Saturday, November 12, the Sharlot Hall Museum will host “Moments with Junior Bonner”, a story-gathering event focused on collecting and recording community stories about the Prescott-set Steve McQueen film Junior Bonner. Mini-interviews will be recorded

Hypnotically Speaking

Hypnotically Speaking

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I thought it only appropriate to focus on how hypnosis can assist in a breast cancer client’s healing process. In my last article we focused on how we dehypnotize someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, helping them to focus on healing instead of all of the


9/11: As the decades pass, the act of remembering evolves

Across the vast field where the plane fell out of the sky so many years ago, all is quiet. The hills around Shanksville seem to swallow sound. The plateau that Americans by the millions ascend to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial, to think of those who died in this southwestern Pennsylvania expanse, sits just


Afghan vet: ‘What have we ended up with at the end of it?’

Photo: In this June 30, 2021, Los Angeles-based producer, actress and Marine Corps veteran Jennifer Brofer poses with her blog equipment at her apartment in Los Angeles. Images of the World Trade Center towers collapsing in New York were still fresh in the minds of the first American troops arriving in Afghanistan, as the U.S.

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