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Opinion: POWELL: Republicans Lag in Political Branding – Inside Sources

Democrats have methodically and effectively branded Republicans and their issues over the last six years, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy needs to take this into consideration going forward. Three terms trigger most Democrats: Trump, January 6th and MAGA — all are considered dangerous. This positioning is to brand Republicans as Neanderthals hellbent on undermining our

Michael Barone

Opinion: Time for Truth and Reconciliation on the Russia Collusion Hoax – Michael Barone

What are “the major problems this country faces”? Writing in The Atlantic, New York Times columnist David Brooks leads off his list with “inequality, political polarization, social mistrust” before concluding with the inevitable “climate change.” Today’s “inequality,” he notes, is as “savage” as the inequality in the 1890s. That was a decade in which the

David Harsanyi

Opinion: On Classified Documents, Joe Biden Is Out of Excuses – David Harsanyi

Every president probably stashes away classified documents. The chances of any president being successfully prosecuted for pilfering them are infinitesimal. Nevertheless, Joe Biden has engaged in the same behavior as Donald Trump — perhaps worse, since vice presidents are unable to declassify documents — and precedent and transparency, our very democracy, demanded that Attorney General


Opinion – Verified Hate: Take the MF’ers Out – Gregory Hood

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in opinion pieces on the PrescotteNews website are solely those of the authors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Prescott eNews or its publisher.] In October 2021, Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper said whiteness needed an expiration date and that “we gotta take those mother***ers out.” Christopher Rufo, an

John Stossel

Opinion: Bias, Envy and Hatred – John Stossel

Today, big media has an agenda. Fox and most talk radio push right; most other media spin left. For a long time, leftists pretended this wasn’t happening. In 36 years at CBS and ABC, none of my colleagues admitted leaning left. There were only “facts” versus “narrow-minded conservatives.” Then Bernie Goldberg’s book “Bias” came out.