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Arizona on path to approve Prop 207 to legalize marijuana, clear criminal records

Arizona voters appeared poised to approve the legalization of recreational marijuana, with the Associated Press declaring the measure had passed Tuesday night. The measure also would allow certain marijuana offenders to seek to have their criminal records expunged. Proposition 207 would give adults 21 and older the right to possess an ounce of marijuana, although


Proposition 207 would legalize recreational marijuana for those 21 or older

With the election just days away, Cronkite News is taking a closer look at some of the measures on the Nov. 3 ballot. Four years after Arizona voters rejected legalizing recreational marijuana, the issue is back, appearing on November’s ballot as Proposition 207. Eleven states have legalized recreational marijuana. Arizona joins three others – Montana,


David Stringer Speaks on Prop 207: Opposes it but Supports De-felonizing

In a recent talk before the Highway 69 Republican Club, local attorney and former State Representative David Stringer spoke on the proposal to legalize marijuana in Arizona, known as Proposition 207. While in the legislature he served on the Judiciary Committee and co-founded a bipartisan study group on criminal justice reform. One of the proposals


BREAKING: Support for Prop 207 Drops as Voters Learn More

The latest polling shows the claimed “inevitable” recreational marijuana initiative losing ground as Arizona voters learn of sweeping details buried in the 17-page measure. One poll, cited here, indicates just one-percentage point (1%) separates opposition from support. That is a dramatic shift from the previous polling that asked Arizona voters broadly about marijuana legalization. A second poll also


Arizonans for Health and Public Safety Prepares to Oppose Prop 207 in November

Thursday, the Arizona Supreme Court issued its ruling allowing the “Smart and Safe Arizona” initiative (Proposition 207) to remain on the ballot despite concerns over deficiencies in its 100-word statement. Lisa James, Chairwoman for Arizonans for Health and Public Safety issued the following statement. “We are disappointed in the decision, which sets a concerning precedent


BREAKING: Challenge to Prop 207 Appealed to Arizona Supreme Court

Arizonans for Health and Public Safety (AZHPS) announced Tuesday that they are appealing their legal challenge to the “Smart & Safe Arizona” initiative’s 100-word statement to the Arizona Supreme Court. “We are appealing this decision because we continue to believe that the 100-word statement fails to accomplish its purpose as required by Arizona law,” said

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