Opinion: POWELL: Republicans Lag in Political Branding – Inside Sources

Democrats have methodically and effectively branded Republicans and their issues over the last six years, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy needs to take this into consideration going forward. Three terms trigger most Democrats: Trump, January 6th and MAGA — all are considered dangerous. This positioning is to brand Republicans as Neanderthals hellbent on undermining our


Opinion: Donald Trump Is Not Going Away – Inside Sources

Many pundits have speculated that the Donald Trump era is ending. It may be experiencing a low after the midterm elections, but the loyalty of his base is so deeply entrenched that Trump and his base are likely to be influential for many years to come. Examining the Trump phenomena from a behavior psychology viewpoint


Arizona Freedom Caucus Responds to Biden’s Speech Attacking Republicans

In response to Joe Biden’s speech Thursday night, where he personally attacked more than 74 million Americans, the Arizona Freedom Caucus released the following statement (on Friday): Last night, in an unprecedented speech by a sitting President of the United States, Joe Biden attacked 74 million Americans. This manner of this speech has never happened

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