Opinion: Say No to Legislation Based on Fear and Conjecture – Inside Sources

There is no shortage of bad ideas bouncing around Congress, and some hide in plain sight. One is the “Stemming The Operation of Pernicious and Illicit Drones Act.” At first glance, this legislation seems to make sense because it targets adversaries of the United States by banning drones manufactured in those nations. In reality, it also


Free Virtual Seed-to-Supper Adult Gardening Course

Another class from the University of Arizona Yavapai County Cooperative Extension. Learn to grow your own food during a 6-session Seed-to-Supper course offered by SNAP-ED. The program highlights practical, low-cost gardening techniques for building, planning, planting, maintaining, and harvesting a successful vegetable garden. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or on acreage,

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