Opinion: Survey Reveals Troubling Opinions About American Justice System

The past year has upended life in America and around the world. Due to the pandemic, we have been asked to rethink how we do things and adapt to new rules and technologies. At the same time, we have been forced to confront deep issues of inequality in our justice system fueled by the deaths

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Opinion: The Sheeping of Americans

In every government there is a need for order. Governments are supposed to protect the people they govern from anarchy, chaos, criminals, invasions and disease. In a free government, “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” those same people have the right to question those whom they have placed in power and


Opinion – COVID: Chronology and Context

It’s hard to get a straight story on COVID statistics once politicians and the media get involved, and they have been driving this fact-adjacent narrative for almost a year now. Their non-stop scare-mongering, combined with a persistent lack of context, has turned half of us into quivering cowards, while the other half ignores legitimate warnings.


From Zoom to Quibi, the tech winners and losers of 2020

We streamed, we Zoomed, we ordered groceries and houseplants online, we created virtual villages while navigating laptop shortages to work and learn from home. In many ways, 2020′s pandemic-induced isolation threw our dependence on technology into overdrive, snipping away at our real-life connections while bringing digital relationships to the fore. But for every life-changing Zoom,

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Opinion: Christmas is the Season of Hope

It hasn’t been easy this last year to maintain a positive attitude. With Covid-19, lock downs, masks, social distancing, the closures of restaurants, bars and other “non-essential” businesses, the cancellations of traditional events and ceremonies, a person’s mental condition is bound to trend toward sullenness if not depression. Add to that, the inability to see


‘Do as I say’: Anger as some politicians ignore virus rules

Denver’s mayor flies to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving with his family — after urging others to stay home. He later says he was thinking with “my heart and not my head.” A Pennsylvania mayor bans indoor dining, then eats at a restaurant in Maryland. The governor of Rhode Island is photographed at an indoor wine

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