As legal pot grows, more kids sickened by edibles at home – Associated Press

The number of young kids, especially toddlers, who accidentally ate marijuana-laced treats rose sharply over five years as pot became legal in more places in the U.S., according to a study published Tuesday. More than 7,000 confirmed cases of kids younger than 6 eating marijuana edibles were reported to the nation’s poison control centers between


Opinion: Voters Will Continue to Lead on Marijuana Legalization – Inside Sources

In every election for the last 25 years, voters have had the opportunity to decide on statewide ballot measures legalizing marijuana for either medical or adult-use purposes. This November will be no exception. Voters in five states — Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota — will decide on proposals to legalize and regulate the adult-use


Opinion: Marijuana Potency Warrants Greater Education and Regulation – Inside Sources

Those offering dire warnings about the alleged dangers of so-called “highly potent pot” — and demanding that these products be recriminalized — are taking their cues from an age-old playbook. From the onset of criminal cannabis prohibition, criminalization advocates have sought to rationalize their position by greatly exaggerating the supposed strength of marijuana. In the 1930s, while lobbying for


Is the cannabis industry worth getting into?

Is the cannabis industry worth getting into? Are you very interested in cannabis and maybe even thinking about getting into the cannabis industry but have no idea if it is worth it? Do you want to know everything you need to know about getting into the cannabis industry before you spend a lot of money

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